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Our Band
Our band is the future of Punk Rock music. You will see our name in lights one day. We will be on the top ten on MTV's Total Request Live (TRL). We just need a little work. But we must work hard. Hard work 99.9% of the time pays off. We all go to South Forsyth Middle School in Forsyth Georgia. We all are in our teens. The name "Radius" was Allen's idea. Zane thought a good name for the band would be "Renegade A.E." but Allen didn't see that to be 'punky' enough.

The Members

Hobbies- Skateboard, play his guitar, play on Zane's drums [alot], and talk on the phone with Emily.

Favorite bands-Millencolin and Nirvana


Hobbies- Skateboard, play his bass, and also talk on the phone with Emily.

Favorite bands-Nirvana and The Ramones


Hobbies-Skateboard, play his guitar, and BMX

Favorite bands-unknown


Hobbies-Skateboard, play drums and guitar, be a jackass, and listen to camp kill yourself.

Favorite bands-cKy, Rage Against the Machine, and Simply Difficult

Hobbies-Skateboard, play his guitar

Thx To...
Thanks Billy from Simply Difficult for giving me the idea of making a website for my band. Simply Difficult's webpage will be on my site page. Also thanks to our parents for supporting our band.